The Intelligence Party

est. 2017

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Urtegata 11, Oslo Norway


Intelligenspartiet is for illegal voting and making it count.


If you don't have voting rights, you can vote illegally. It will be counted in the statistics and results of the election. It's tradition, and it isn't a punishable offence.  


If you are under voting age and you believe that the adults will not listen before it is too late, don't wait to grow up, vote illegally. We'll show you how. It's the only way to disrupt the political system, and you are, just like immigrants, counted as a voter in the voting system already.


Non-citizens are counted as voters after 12 months of residency in Europe.


This means that, effectively, non-citizens contribute to the outcome of the power-division in Europe, without the right to vote. 


A Norwegian political party (that is not permitted in the EU-election) was in Brussels for the EU Parliamentary election in 2019. 


We voted illegally and showed others how they can too.