Graz, Austria

Oppdatert: 9. juni 2019

"With Lars Cuzner's project "The Intelligence Party", 2018, steirisher herbst finally arrived at the topicality, because Lars Cuzner has set up a fictional party here with which he moves in Graz as if he were on an election campaign tour. Tirelessly, the committed artist introduces the program of his "Intelligence Party", a party that on the one hand demands the humanist demand for the right to vote for foreigners, and on the other hand supports this demand with right-wing arguments, such as true love of the homeland. The paradox seems hardly to go - and yet: in the discussion around post-colonialism, for example, "nationalism as a legitimate anti-colonial resistance movement" (Varela / Dhawan) is repeatedly discussed. The fact that steirischer herbst artistically discusses contradictions like these in various forms, is exactly what makes it so necessary this year." Art Magazine, Austria

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The Intelligence Party

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